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Your time is invaluable – spending it on your good cause leads to changed lives, spaces and communities. All in all, spending it well leaves the world a better place than it was before.

With so much important work to be done, just how well-spent is your time when it’s taken up with clunky accounting systems?

It’s the 21st century. It’s time your paper trail caught up.

Receipts, bills, statements and emails - you deal with a TONNE of financial documents. Our recommended software can make light work of accurate, automatic capturing of all of these, and more.

With the right platform, you’ll save time, go paperless, do it on the go (or from the desktop) and integrate your filing straight into your cloud accounting.

We’ll help your team in harnessing automation software. It will transform your processes, leading to less time spent tapping, scanning and filing, and more time committed to the tasks that make a difference.

Empower your non-profit with powerful (but simple) accounting software

In your sector, time isn’t just money – it’s something that should be spent on doing good work for your cause (rather than dealing with the finances). So we help you in working smarter and faster, with cloud accounting.

Cloud accounting and collaboration

Cloud technology has transformed the accountancy world. Put simply, it allows us to collaborate with you and your teams – providing a real-time window into your current financial position, and where they may be heading to next.

The cloud will save you time, and help you in making fully informed day-to-day decisions, as well as guiding longer-term strategic direction. But just because we’ve embraced technology doesn’t mean that you and your team are cloud-ready. You, and they, may need training and support, and a friendly voice to call in enquiries and last-minute queries.

Wherever you are with the cloud, we can help. We’ll help you work smarter (not harder) by either making the move to the cloud, or making more of the cloud and all it can offer. Submitting accounts to HMRC will soon be entirely digital, so if you haven’t made the switch yet, now is the time (and we can show you how).

Which cloud accounting platform is right for you?

We work with the world’s most popular (and powerful) cloud accounting platforms - Xero and QuickBooks.

QuickBooks can provide for more versatility and level of detail, when pitted against Xero – however Xero gains an edge with its recently released reports – allowing for the mapping of accounts to managerial reports.

Make the right choice between the two by speaking with our team – they’ll provide the tailored insight as to which would more closely align with your organisation.