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Starting a Social Enterprise?

How to I choose a legal framework?

How do I make it sustainable?

What qualities do I need?

What about a business plan?

Who is this workshop for?

It can be exciting to start a new business or social enterprise.

It can be very tempting to rush things. However, remember the most successful businesses are those that plan well. Setting up business requires thought and planning and time now means you are less likely to regret a decision later.

If you are in individual with an idea for a social enterprise but haven't started yet then this workshop is for you.  It will help you to realise the potential your passion can have in a safe, encouraging environment. 

What will be covered?

This is a short workshop which will cover some of the basics and start the thinking planning of becoming a social enterprise.  We will cover:

  • What a social enterprise is and what it isn't
  • Choosing an appropriate legal framework covering:
    • Liability - who is 
    • Profit distribution
    • Governance arrangements
    • Funding
    • Ownership
  • Motivations of social entrepreneurs
    • There is usually a reason
    • Is it an easy option?
    • Dispelling some of the myths
  • Q & A

You will leave the workshop with a document to help you with your thinking and to start the process of ensuring that your social enterprise will be sustainable and the right way forward for you. 

How do I book?

This is a course which runs once a month.  The cost is £25 it runs online and you will receive a link to join the workshop once you have chosen your date and booked: