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Green Claims Code

Green claims (sometimes called ‘environmental claims’ or ‘eco-friendly claims’) are claims that show how a product, service, brand, or business provides a benefit or is less harmful to the environment.

Many businesses use green claims to help market their products or services. They do this through a range of methods such as: statements, symbols, emblems, logos, graphics, colours, and product brand names.

The government has created a Green Claims Code to help businesses make sure their claims are genuine and not misleading. This will help businesses to protect their reputation, whilst also helping to make sure claims are lawful.

Your claims should be:

1) Truthful and accurate

2) Clear and unambiguous

3) Have fair and meaningful comparisons to other products

4) Substantiated by robust, credible evidence

5) Considering the full life cycle of the product.

Your claims should not omit or hide information to make your claim appear better. Customers should be able to get the full picture from your claims.

To find out more about the Green Claims Code, please visit this website: Green Claims Campaign.