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Delivering expert accounts & tax services so that our clients can concentrate on making the world a better place. 

Expert Accountancy Support for Social Enterprises, Community Interest Companies, Charities & Other Non Profits

Helping individuals with a long term health condition with your accounting

At Accounting for Good, we believe in the power of numbers to drive positive change. Our mission is clear: to provide exceptional financial services and expertise to changemakers and individuals with long-term health conditions and disabilities who are running their own businesses. With our comprehensive suite of financial accounting solutions, we're here to empower you, so you can focus on what you do best—creating fairer businesses and brighter futures.

Why Choose Accounting for Good CIC?

Accounting for Changemakers: We specialise in accounting for those organisations who are driving change and making a positive impact in their communities through their organisations whether they be community interest companies or charities.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: We focus on supporting entrepreneurs who have unique health considerations. We understand the challenges you face and are dedicated to helping you thrive.

Inclusivity: Our services are designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that individuals with disabilities or long-term health conditions have access to the financial support they need to succeed.

Mentoring & Support  for Changemakers: We offer mentoring programs to guide and empower changemakers who are making a positive impact in their communities though their business.  We call this online service Be a Changemaker.

Tailored Solutions: We provide customised financial solutions that take into account your specific needs and circumstances, so you can confidently manage your business finances.

Transparency: Trust and transparency are at the core of our values. We provide clear, accurate financial insights to help you make informed decisions.

Efficiency: With cloud-based accounting and cutting-edge tools like Xero, we streamline your financial processes, saving you time and resources.

Community Commitment: We're proud to support individuals like you in pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams, advocating for inclusivity, and championing positive social change.

Let's Create Impact Together:

Ready to take your organisation to the next level while managing the impact of your organisation or your unique health considerations? Contact us today to discuss how Accounting for Good CIC can support your entrepreneurial journey. Join us in creating a world where everyone, regardless of their health condition or disability, can thrive in business.

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