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Are you a changemaker with a vision for a better world?  Do you dream of creating a social enterprise that makes an impact.  Our online community will help you turn unlock social change.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs to Drive Positive Change

Are you ready to be the change you wish to see in the world?  Our online community at Be a Changemaker is your hub for social entrepreneurship and community impact.  Led by Kay Wightman, founder of Accounting for Good CIC, it is here to support and inspire individuals and organisations on their journey to create lasting and sustainable change.

Meet Your Mentor

Kay Wightman is a qualified accountant, marketer, and teacher with over 25 years of experience in the sector. She is the founder of two social enterprises, including Accounting for Good CIC, she has dedicated her career to blending the worlds of business finance and social change.  Having worked with and volunteered for community interest companies, charities and social enterprises of all sizes, now she is here to share her expertise and passion with you.

Why Choose Kay’s Support?

Expert Guidance: Kay brings a wealth of knowledge to the table backed by years of experience. She understands the intricacies of both business finance and the dynamics of social change. With Kay by your side you will receive unparalleled guidance.

Tailored Support: Kay knows that every social enterprise is unique. Her support is customised to fit your specific needs and goals. Whether you are starting up or looking to grow, Kay’s expertise will light the way.

Financial Wisdom: Gain the financial knowledge and skills essential for sustainable success. Kay and her team will help you secure funding, manage budgets and make informed financial decisions that drive your social mission forward.

Virtual FD Clinic

A Virtual Finance Director (FD) is a senior financial professional who provides strategic financial guidance and management to organisations on a flexible, part-time, or remote basis. This role is particularly beneficial for Community Interest Companies (CICs) and charities that may not have the resources to employ a full-time Finance Director and allows you to bring questions to the clinic that are specific to your organisation and thereby the learning stays within the organisation.  These questions could include:

Strategic Financial Planning: long-term financial strategies to ensure sustainability and growth including forecasting, financial modeling, and scenario planning.

Budgeting and Forecasting: detailed budgets and financial forecasts, helping organisations plan and allocate resources effectively.

Cash Flow Management: managing cash flow to ensure the organisation can meet its financial obligations and invest in its mission.

Financial Reporting: accurate and timely financial reports for internal stakeholders and external parties such as donors, boards, and regulators.

Compliance and Risk Management: helping the organization to adheres to all financial regulations and best practices, identifying and mitigating financial risks.

Funding and Investment: advice on funding opportunities, grant applications, and investment strategies to support financial health and mission delivery.

Financial Systems and Processes: advising on financial systems and processes for efficiency, accuracy, and security.

Social Impact Measurement & Reporting

Unlocking Insights, Maximising Impact

At the heart of every successful social or community-driven organisation lies a profound understanding of its impact. We will empower you to quantify and visualise the real difference you're making including:

  • Define meaningful metrics and indicators tailored to your goals.

  • Gather both quantitative and qualitative data to assess progress.

  • Continuously improve your programs and initiatives based on insights.

  • Provide transparency and accountability to your stakeholders.

With impact measurement, you gain the tools to make informed decisions, optimise your efforts, and drive even greater change.

Sharing Success, Building Trust

Transparency  and credibility are essential in the world of social impact. As well as the numbers we will also consider social impact reporting which enables you to communicate your achievements effectively including:

  • Compiling your impact measurement results into compelling reports.

  • Crafting narratives that convey your organisation’s mission and values.

  • Providing visual representations and testimonials for engagement.

  • Demonstrating accountability to donors, investors, and the public.

With social impact reporting, you not only celebrate your successes but also inspire confidence in your mission, attracting support and partnerships that fuel your growth.

Impactful Change

Your vision for social change matters to us. Together, you will work to ensure your social enterprise creates a meaningful and lasting impact on the communities you serve.

Together, with our expertise we can create a world where business and social change go hand in hand.

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