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Considering a new venture?

It can be exciting to start a new social enterprise. It can be very tempting to rush things. However, remember the most successful businesses are those that plan well. Unfortunately, setting up business requires different sets of requirements and registrations that can be complicated and perplexing for you. 

We can offer you business start-up consultancy services that can let you focus on building the business instead of spending time on background support.  If you need some help to get started then book our free workshop which is available to clients and non clients.

What will be covered?

This is a short workshop which will cover some of the basics of becoming a social enterprise.  We will cover:

  • What a social enterprise is and what it isn't

  • Choosing an appropriate legal framework covering:

    • Liability - who is 

    • Profit distribution

    • Governance arrangements

    • Funding

    • Ownership

  • Motivations of social entrepreneurs

    • There is usually a reason

    • Is it an easy option?

    • Dispelling some of the myths

  • Q & A

You will leave the workshop with a document to help you with your thinking and to start the process of ensuring that your social enterprise will be sustainable and the right way forward for you. 

Further Consultation

We can also work closely with you to settle on extensive issues like source of financing, cash flow planning and deciding on best option for business structure. We have helped to start-up charities, company interest companies, sole traders, partnership and private limited companies with and without share capital. We do our client’s Companies House and HMRC registrations along with registrations with necessary bodies and organizations based on business nature and industry. We deal with small, medium and large enterprises across numerous industries.

Our start-up consultation is designed for entrepreneurs that have a business idea but do not know how to proceed further. We deliver bespoke start-up consulting services that can give you a clear path and direction on how to increase potential of profits in your business idea. We help you avoid mistakes commonly made by starters. We combine our knowledge of latest HMRC regulations and Companies House Notifications with our experience of growing small businesses with flying starts to deliver best start-up advisory services.