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We love Xero software.  Xero claim to be the world’s most beautiful accounting platform, which even without a grand amount of competition is not an overreach; Xero has a whole host of other benefits outside of its aesthetic that make it a more than worthwhile investment.

For charities, social enterprises and community interest companies, Xero offers the integrated functionality to streamline your accounting and offer you constant real-time insights into the fund and projects you are managing as well as the overall performance of your organisation.

Setting up Xero the right way for your organisation

It aren't going to lie, it can be a tricky process.  So we take our time and work with you to get the correct information and understand the information and reporting you need to make the switch from your current system.

  • Evaluation – We arrange a video call to review your current accounting systems and advise on information required for conversion;
  • Information gathering - this might be closing balances from the previous system, copies of reports, logos, invoice layouts, bank feed logins etc.  We will tell you what you need to collect;
  • Data Migration – We can sometimes recommend transfering your data from your existing system to your new cloud accounting software so that you have access to historic accounting data although there are sometimes reasons not to do this which we can explain to you;
  • Implementation – We help you to set up your new system so you understand it you in processing your sales invoices, purchase orders, supplier bills, bank reconciliations, etc. 
  • Support – If you become an accounting client we can provide ongoing Xero Accounts support via email

Contact Us

The configuration training can take up to one day to complete and we normally phase this over a few online sessions to make it easier for clients to fit it in around other commitments.

If you would like to dicuss it further please do get in touch using the contact form opposite.

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