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We love Xero software.  Xero claim to be the world’s most beautiful accounting platform, which even without a grand amount of competition is not an overreach; Xero has a whole host of other benefits outside of its aesthetic that make it a more than worthwhile investment.

For charities, social enterprises and community interest companies, Xero offers the integrated functionality to streamline your accounting and offer you constant real-time insights into the fund and projects you are managing as well as the overall performance of your organisation.

What is included?

Although this course does cover some basics some prior knowledge of calculating payroll would be advisable.  If additional training on the basics of payroll is needed then extra time may be required.

  • Setting up Payroll
    • Passwords and housekeeping
    • Navigating within Xero payroll
    • Quarterly payment method for small companies
    • Setting up company details
    • Setting up employees’ records
    • Creating payment and deduction types
  • Processing the payroll
    • Entering gross salaries
    • Dealing with adjustments including bonuses, staff loans, staff purchases, etc.
    • Printing, emailing payslips
    • Employee's use of 'My Payroll'
    • Placing employees on hold
    • Updating the payroll
  • Payroll Reports
    • Payroll summary reports
    • Printing Form P32, etc.
  • Starters and Leavers
    • Adding new employees to the payroll
    • Completing Starter Checklist (old P46) forms for new employees
    • Operating the Week1/Month1 tax code
    • Removing existing employees from the payroll
    • Generating P45s for leavers
    • RTI – Real Time Information
    • Payroll changes introduced by RTI
    • How to prepare for RTI

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We can use real data or a combination of real and demonstration data depending on your requirement.  This is a full day's training and lasts 6 hours, some clients prefer to split this into 2 hours sessions so that they can also get on with other work and that can normally be accomodated.

If you would like to discuss it further please do get in touch using the contact form opposite.

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