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Unlock Your Potential for social Change

Meet Your Mentor

Kay Wightman is a qualified accountant, marketer, and teacher with over 25 years of experience in the sector. She is the founder of two social enterprises, including Accounting for Good CIC, she has dedicated her career to blending the worlds of business finance and social change.  Having worked with and volunteered for community interest companies, charities and social enterprises of all sizes, now she is here to share her expertise and passion with you.

Why Choose Kay’s Mentorship?

Expert Guidance: Kay brings a wealth of knowledge to the table backed by years of experience. She understands the intricacies of both business finance and the dynamics of social change. With Kay by your side you will receive unparalleled guidance.

Tailored Support: Kay knows that every social enterprise is unique. Her mentorship is customised to fit your specific needs and goals. Whether you are starting up or looking to grow, Kay’s expertise will light the way.

Financial Wisdom: Gain the financial knowledge and skills essential for sustainable success. Kay will help you secure funding, manage budgets and make informed financial decisions that drive your social mission forward.

Impactful Change

Your vision for social change matters to Kay. Together, you will work to ensure your social enterprise creates a meaningful and lasting impact on the communities you serve.

Together, with Kay’s expertise we can create a world where business and social change go hand in hand.

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Don’t let your passion for social change go untapped. Take the first step toward building a successful social enterprise that changes lives. Connect with Kay Wightman who is dedicated to your journey.

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